Beginning & End

The cycle is a leading concept at our farm, everything is related to everything. We adapt our operations to the minerals, labour, organic matter, energy and sunlight present. We feel connected to the soil we work on and have consideration for people, the environment and the surroundings.

At our farm we pay special attention to the soil. We grow crops in soil and use humus compost we manufacture ourselves according to a sophisticated process. This organic, very rich compost is used as nutrition for the soil and forms the basis for a great harvest of healthy and tasty tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers.

The location of our farm in itself is very important to us as well. We feel closely connected to the (Eu)region where we are located. Being physically near to our customers fits our philosophy to keep the chain short and closed.

The careful way in which we handle our nearest surroundings is laid down in a nature plan at our farm. Here nature is given room to develop and connect to the surrounding nature.


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